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It's been a busy week in Denver. Presentations in a sports arena, sessions in a conference centre the size of your average airport, frequent networking opportunities, and the odd drink here and there.

A few years ago, I went to New York in early December. I was expecting to hate a whole load of Christmas schumaltz, but actually found the whole experience quite magical. If I am honest, I was expecting to find the tub-thumping Americanism of MGX a real turn-off, but I return to the UK with a much better view of where Microsoft is heading in general terms, and sight of where I fit in the whole, massive, venture.

I don't get the fist-clenched, aggressive, neck vein-throbbing style that some of our leaders adopt, but there was plenty of more reflective calm over the week to temper the Boom! Boom! of Steve Ballmer and co.

Stand out for me was Steven Sinofsky's presentation about the future of the Windows client. It's going to be a revelatory few days at the Build conference in September…

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