Lily Allen – The Fear
And so we get to the 40th track on this long old playlist, and the penultimate one at that. I was going to pick something by the Kings of Leon, but in the end have plumped for a track by Keith Allen's daughter.
The first track from Lily's second album, it's a cracking pop tune with some wonderfully crafted lyrics.
It also will forever remind me of driving around Australia on our honeymoon in the Spring (Autumn in their money) of 2009, having just found out that we were pregnant. The scary times of the first 12 weeks, combined with the freedom of being in the middle of nowhere, on the other side of the world, just driving around and looking at koalas.
And all the while listening to songs by the daughter of someone that I knew for being famous first time around. That's a sign that you're not in your first flush of youth any more…
Number one on my birthday in 2009: The X Factor Finalists – You are not alone …which quite frankly sounds like some sort of threat.
Click here for the playlist so far

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