Mr Scruff – Get a move on
Mr Scruff, AKA Andy Carthy, is the last person who has truly entered my roll call of Musical Heroes (which is a funny bunch including Miles Davis, Leonard Bernstein, Robert Smith, Matt Johnson, David Sylvian, Gilles Peterson and Joyce, amongst others). DJ, cartoonist, producer, recording artist, pie maker and tea aficionado, the man is a shortish, goateed ball of genius from the defining music label of my late twenties/early thirties, Ninja Tune. This from his biography on
“My first encounter with mixing was as a 12 year old in late 1984, when a friend of mine played me some of his uncle's electro records, notably the Streetsounds LP “Crucial Electro Volume 2″. At first, I assumed that the reason for there being no gaps between the songs was to fit more on the vinyl-it did not occur to me that the mixing was a creative part of the presentation, and had been carefully thought out utilising the experience and skills of a DJ.”
I loved Crucial Electro Volume 2. It was the first hip hop I listened to. I spent hours trying to work out where one song stopped and the other begins.
Number one on my birthday in 2001: S Club 7 – Have you ever? No, I haven't.
Click here for the playlist so far

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