The Chemical Brothers – Let forever be
1999 was a weird year. I blame it on the fact that Prince had been singing about it from about 1984, but there were some strange, cult-like things going on, not least the millennium bug and peculiar suicide sects believing that the end of the world was nigh.
Given that the millennium didn't actually end until the eve of 2001, it's all a bit peculiar in retrospect (but apparently exactly the same happened in 1899).
1999 did, however, become something of a milestone year. It, co-incidentally, marked the point at which people in my circle of friends started to pair off, get married and have kids. Inevitably the group started to spread a little as a result.
The party, at Chris and Phil's in Finsbury Park, lived up to the Purple Midget's promise. At least I think it did. Memories are a little hazy…
Number one on my birthday in 1999: Cliff Richard – Millennium Prayer Jesus. Literally.
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