The Beastie Boys – Intergalatic
The Beastie Boys leaped into the public consciousness in the mid 1980s in a whirlwind of teenage high jinks, the theft of hundreds of VW car badges and the general disapproval of the Daily Mail. I seem to remember that there were even calls to ban the band from entering the country, such was the horrified reaction from middle England.
Turns out that it was all just a big PR stunt because, from the release of their second album Paul's Boutique, it turns out that they were actually quite serious musicians, and frequently Bhuddist.
My abiding memory of the Beastie Boys was from Glastonbury in (I think) 1994 when they appeared on the second stage just after a brief rain shower. The steam that rose up from the audience when everyone started to jump around was a joy to behold…
Number one on my birthday in 1998: Cher – Believe: Can you believe that it's now12 years since Autotune started to seep into the pop music vo-cab-buuuuuuu-lare-EEEEE-eeeee?
Click here for the playlist so far

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