2 Player – Extreme Possibilities
1995 and the beginning of the 'years of dance music'. As is it seems customary in my musical history, I came to the dance scene a little later than some. Mostly this was because I couldn't really see much of interest in the four-to-the-floor 'bleepshite' that seemed to dominate much of the genre. Two sub-species did do something for me though, and drum and bass was one of them.
Having had something of a musical training as a kid (I did A-Level music and have Grade 8 Saxophone (twice-don't ask)), I can often find myself listening to music and trying to deconstruct it. In some instances I can fixate on a particular instrument (or, in the case of Swing Out Sister's 'Breakout', the snare drum… a work of percussive beauty). In others, I listen to try and work out how the music is made, and with a lot of dance music it's all just so bleedin' obvious that I find it dull beyond words.
With drum and bass, I just didn't have a clue. It was music that I just couldn't get my head around how it had been constructed.
There were two albums that first really got me into the genre – A Guy Called Gerald's 'Black Secret Technology' and Goldie's 'Timeless'. However it was this track that really got me into the, erm, extreme possibilities, of drum and bass. Nestled a few tracks into Coldcut's awesome Journeys By DJs mix album, it's probably the least listenable track in this whole list. It's still bloody marvellous, though.
Number one on my birthday in 1995: Robson & Jerome – I Believe Never let anyone tell you that Simon Cowell has dragged pop music down. It was always that way.
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