Vic Reeves and The Wonderstuff – Dizzy
LCR 963. Loughborough Campus Radio. Broadcasting all over the student village. And live to the Purple Onion.
Ahh. Those were the days.
As I mentioned a few years back, as a kid I used to pretend to do radio shows in my parents' front room. At University I had the opportunity to pretend to do radio shows in a fully-equipped radio studio. Many hours were idled away, spinning discs and talking bollocks, whether on the short-lived music/comedy mash-up Shattered Bat Radio, or on the infamous Friday Night Alternative Show where alongside erstwhile co-presenter Dan, we used to get wrecked, play records and talk (when we were capable) whilst the rest of the student population were down at the Union building.
When I started at Loughborough, there was a national body for student radio called NASB. At the 1991 NASB conference I was elected at secretary of the company. Unfortunately, soon afterwards we found out that the former treasurer had run off with about £15,000 of advertising revenue that should have been distributed to member stations, and that the now Chair was suddenly concerned that being anyway involved in sorting out the mess might scupper his desired career path in the diplomatic corps. Mark Curry, I hope your career worked out for you.
With a bit of advice from a local lawyer, we were able to wind up NASB, and in the autumn of 1991 the Student Radio Association was born. I'm very proud that, 19 years later, the SRA still appears to be in fighting form, and it warrants what is at the moment my only mention on Wikipedia.
The big issue for Student Radio in the early 1990s was the ability to legally broadcast on FM. Most stations ran on AM induction loop systems, which could only be deployed into campus halls of residence, and was of appalling quality (although much that the stations were broadcasting was of dire quality, so maybe it was a good match). The Radio Authority was starting to make Restricted Service Licences available, which meant that stations could broadcast for up to two weeks on a low-powered FM transmitter.
Over the summer of 1991, LCR obtained permission for one of these licences, and so for Freshers Week 1991 we broadcast across the whole of the town of Loughborough in glorious FM. I co-presented the first show with Rock Show stalwart Andy Sherwood, and Dizzy was the first record that we played.
Number one on my birthday in 1991: Michael Jackson – Black or White Hmm. You tell us, Michael.
Click here for the playlist so far

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