The Waterboys – The Whole of the Moon
This is the last song on this list that I got into at a date later than when it was released. I was introduced to The Waterboys when I met (a now long-standing friend) Becky back in 1987. The album that this came from, This is the Sea, was the final one before Mike Scott went all diddly-diddly Celtic revival, and contains some great, quite orchestral tracks including this one.
It was then re-released in 1990, and so became a staple of student indie discos for my time at university. I can almost taste the infamous “purple nasties” (snakebite and black at places outside of Loughborough).
The Whole of the Moon also contains one of those wonderful, anthemic choruses that can be yelled along to whilst not having the first clue about what the words actually mean.
Number one on my birthday in 1985:Feargal Sharkey – A Good Heart. True story – I bumped into Feargal Sharkey at the first In the City music industry shindig that took place in Manchester in 1991. He had absolutely no chin whatsoever.
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