Joan Armatrading – Love and Affection
1976 had a very hot summer. It was also the year that punk really sprung onto the scene. I, however, was five years old for most of the year, and so found punk an affront to my sensitive young ears. (Funnily enough, when you listen back to it now, it all mostly sounds so terribly refined).
The choice of the Joan Armatrading track is for two reasons – first of all because it's blissful, and is a song that has stuck in my mind for all these years; and secondly, because (albeit in a cover version by Courtney Pine) it illustrates one of the amazing things of early 21st century music consumption – of being made aware of a track that you've never really heard before through random shuffle.
The cover version of the song is probably a little “smoother” than the original, and whilst I love the sound of the bass clarinet, I think the bass vocal on the Armatrading original is better.
Number one on my birthday in 1976: Chicago – If you leave me now (Seventies schmaltz at extremis)
Click here for the playlist so far.

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