Travelblog 2.3 – The Ryanisation of short-haul travel

Actually, it should probably be the SouthWest Airlinesization of short-haul air travel, as they are the people that invented it.
After many years of air travel being viewed as something of a luxury or prestige purchase, it seems that most flights under three hours now are a no-frills, budget experience where everything is a charged-for extra. Having just checked in for my flight to Detroit tomorrow morning, an additional $23 was charged for checking in a suitcase.
It seems to me to be a fairly unusual model that the airlines are adopting. In most markets, prices go down whilst the quality and specification of what you get goes up… think motor cars, think consumer electronics, think about actually most consumer goods. In the airline industry, the headline price is (sometimes) going down, but the spec has dropped through the floor. O'Leary at RyanAir is still pitching the concept of “Pay-per-Pee” on his flights…
Oh well. Such is the lot of the modern traveller.
An interesting insight into the market demographic of Delta passengers, though, comes from their terms and conditions for checking-in fragile or bulky items for the hold.
Fragile or bulky item examples given are a saddle, antlers, Hawaiian pineapples or military duffle bags. Pity the GI who's been on a hunting holiday in Honolulu.

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