TravelBlog 2.1 – Manhattan

Arrival in Manhattan via Newark was strangely underwhelming. I think it must be the comparison with recent trips to Hong Kong and Shanghai, but New York looks somewhat spacious, with big gaps between the skyscrapers. Or it's just the cumulative effect of a long journey and heavy rain on arrival that made it look so spread out?
Waiting in line seemed to be a feature of the journey out: three people in front of me at check in at Heathrow seemed unable to cope with the idea of a single bag weighing less than twenty-three kilos; the slow crawl through immigration at Newark (I thought that the chip passports that so many of us carry these days were supposed to carry biometric data, but the border control needs to collect another set, including photos and scans of every finger and thumb); and then the queues for the toll booths on the highway (where the car in front didn't have the $1.80 required, so all manner of bureaucratic form filling to let her pass).
But now settled at the hotel, and looking forward to a couple of days with colleagues in our Franklin Street office, to be followed by a few days in Detroit.

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