The East Hotel in Tai Koo where I'm currently staying is only five months old, and shows a cool sophistication that puts many of its European counterparts to shame. It's also, without doubt, the most gadgety place I have ever stayed.
Some of it is a bit gimmicky – at reception you sign your name on a screen-enabled Wacom tablet (which had lost it's calibration when I was checking in, causing a bit of mucking around to recalibrate).
Some of it verges on the gimmicky – there is no guest information book in the room – just an iPod Touch (tethered on a long security cable). The room service menu is clickable – and you can place your order direct from the iPod.
Some of it, though, shows a real attention to detail that is admirable. The LCD TV screen has a patch panel next to the desk, and you can plug in an HDMI, RCA or VGA source. And not only that, but in a drawer next to the desk are all the cables that you might need to do that. In a cinch, the NetBook that I've been using on this trip was plugged into the 30-something inch display, and I've just video conferenced home to catch up with my wife and son.
The only criticism is that the network connection is a bit flakey… but it's not charged at £12/hour like the hotel in Sydney, so you win some, you lose some.

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