TravelBlog 1 – Heathrow T3

Through the madness of airport security, and into the madness of airside. It seems that the duty free shop has been learning from the sensory deprivation approach so refined by Ikea.
Air travel is one of the few places where (for the time being) you can really escape the always on, always connected modern world. Phones off, no wi-fi, no social networking, no contact. For the time being, at least.
Even as air operators start to provide limited services, it's likely to be at such a punitive rate for the time being that only the very rich will partake. Michael o'Leary has to make his money somehow if you are going to buy a ticket to fly for 99p.
Next stop – civil unrest in Thailand. The Foreign and Commonwealth office insist it's safe to visit Bangkok Airport as long as you are just in transit…

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