Travelblog, Day -2

On Saturday I'm heading off (volcanic dust clouds permitting) to visit three of our offices in the Asia Pacific region. It's the area of the world that we are seeing great growth, and it's exciting to be visiting some new places.
I'll be in Sydney next week, and then Hong Kong and Shanghai the week after. Sydney I visited for the first time last year, and I'm looking forward to a return visit. Hong Kong and Shanghai are both new to me, and I'm fascinated to see the contrast between the two cities, and also with London.
I'm also going to be testing out the geographic scale of some of the cloud solutions that we now have in place, as I'll be travelling with just a cheap NetBook, and my BlackBerry (oh, and a fortnight's worth of clean underwear…)
I'll try to post some observations here as I go. ..

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