Travelblog SF48 – 3

An interesting afternoon. I formed part of a panel with three other
Google Apps customers – a sports goods retailer, a company producing
fabrication tools for chip manufacturers, and an ERP consulting firm.
There seemed to be some common themes – a general consensus that using
Outlook as a front end for Google Mail is a soft option in terms of
change impact, but kind of misses the point; that migration is the
tricky bit; and that once you are up and running, it all just kind of
The Googlers (about 200 or so of them) seemed really engaged, and keen
to understand what we had been through. I hope what we told them was
of value.
And if nothing else I've now roadtested my “visiting Detroit makes you
understand where Eminem gets his anger from” gag on two continents…
And so to the journey home…

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