Groove Armada – Song 4 Mutya
I know that some people think that they are a naff as flock wallpaper, but as you can see from that analogy I'm no arbiter of taste and fashion. Never have been, and certainly never will be.
I like Groove Armada.
The Renault-flogging cheese of I See You Baby, the Air Trombones of At The River… and then this track from their 2007 album Soundboy Rock. There is much to love: the cheesy eighties revivalism, the Peter Hook bass in the closing bars, the sampled “Hey!” in the chorus, reminiscent of Art of Noise's Close to the Edit… but, personally, most of all, it brings back memories of Enza and my first summer together, and in particular, listening to the album on hot summer days, driving around in Enz's black MX-5 with the top down. You can't get naffer – or more enjoyable.
Number one on my birthday in 2007: Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love Bleedin' shite, more like.
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