Peter, Bjorn and John – Young Folks
Sometimes a song will consume me. For a period it will be all that I will want to listen to, and I will be addicted.
There's no rhyme or reason to it. A particular drum, a guitar hook, a specific vocal… Young Folks was one of those songs.
It's got it all: a mind-snaringly addictive whistled melody, a shout-along meaningless chorus, top bongos, cutsie vocals in a Scandinavian accent, and a wonderful retro edge to the final production.
Whilst I'd love to say that I'd picked up on the tune in some down at heel Hoxton club, the truth is decidedly more mundane and mid-thirties… it was used in early 2007 by some advertising hipster in an ad campaign for Sky Movies.
It was that spring when the tune really came into it's own for me. A trip with old mate Chris to visit other old mate Amy in Dublin, and an evening out with her then new chap (and now husband) Pat, and hearing it on a number of occasions that evening. This was at a time when I'd just started dating my now wife, and so the song is attached to memories of a great weekend and a wonderfully exciting time in general.
Number one on my birthday in 2006: Take That – Patience It's the Fat Gary Band! (Note to TV sound people: other bands are available for emotional moments on you soundtrack).
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